04 December 2008

Water and Spirit

water and wind = clouds.

wind is like spirit and fire.

Viento y Agua is a favorite coffee shop of mine (http://www.myspace.com/vientoyaguacoffeehouse).

I'm reading Malidoma Patrice Some's Of Water and the Spirit.
"Among the Dagara, darkness is sacred. It is forbidden to illuminate it., for light scares the Spirit away. Our night is the day of the Spirit and of ancestors, who come to us to tell us what lies on our life paths. To have light around you is like saying that you would rather ignore this wonderful opportunity to be shown the way. To the Dagara, such an attitude is inconceivable. The one exception to this rule is a bonfire. Though they emit a powerful glow, they are not prohibited because there is always drumming around them, and the beat of the drum cancels out the light."

I was given a drum recently! It's so beautiful!

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