18 July 2008

the labyrinth and the grave

My pilgrimage has taken me to two amazing places....


My trip to Rome has been amazing! Anna and her Italian partner, Antonio, have been wonderful hosts and COOKS! Weve wandered the small roads, climbed the hills to the Villas, and meandered the Roman ruins. Then, weve sipped our wine and enjoyed homemade Italian cuisine!


My three days in Brussels were filled with bits of sunshine and lots of music.

Laura, my friend who married a Belgian and now lives in this classic home along with her two small children, is a musician.

And, Brussels held many free concerts in their plazas.

Laura also recommended this Music Museum that displayed musical intstruments throughout the ages and from different cultures. They gave us headphones that played music from the instruments. It was lovely, and the musuem itself was done in Art Nouveau--the style of the city.

Oh, and we tried lots of beer.

12 July 2008

Lucerne, Matterhorn, and Ascona

The last few days in Switzerland

We traveled South and further South...into Italian country!

Lucerne/Luzern's main landmarks are the covered bridges.  We sat by the river and sipped our coffee after wandering the small winding streets.

The Matterhorn/Zermatt was stunning, and we climbed through the wildflowers to get a good view!

Lastly, Ascona and Locarno were fresh and sunny.  We ate at this amazing Italian eatery; they just began serving us delicious food, and it ended up being a good deal...and VERY GOOD!

06 July 2008

More and more..

Red Tent Camping

Went camping in Ventura and decided I need to make my own tent...my "box," my nook, my space. With asian silk and detailed fabrics.

First couple days in Switzerland

abroad- away from one's country, in a foreign place, in error, not on target

In traveling, I think I'm flowing with my gypsy blood.

Denise, my Swiss-Filipina friend, and I bicycled around the lake.
Visited Montreux to see Erykah Badu at the Montreux Jazz Festival.
Toured Bern with her friend David and Geneva with her sister Noelle.

Enjoyed Swiss food with her friends, Yeves, Zach, and Andrea!

Writing womyn

I did not bring books to Europe; instead, I choose to write and live...not live through other eyes.

02 July 2008

While in NYC...

Did a make shift sex and city tour.
Visited cousin Dan Dan.
Beergarten with High School friend!
Discovered new similarities with Sarah Nolan while in Time Square etc.

Called a "wild woman" by a Wallstreet Trinity Priest friend.
Told I exuded the "mother-goddess" by another new friend.

Thought NYC is like a wild woman too.