24 June 2010

End of the beginning: the farm life

beginning thoughts on death and rebirth this year on the farm

With a week left at the Oxnard farm, I'm needing to write down some thoughts and feelings and such. I've already begun the letting go process; I began perhaps a month ago after taking my one week off from the farm to visit a dear friend in San Francisco.

Coming back from Sf, it was very clear to me that I had one solid month left with my sisterfriends, family at the Abundant Table Farm Project, and larger community in Ventura County. So, I began to record the bits I would miss from this year as an intern/farmer/farm worker. On facebook, I'd post a picture along with "I will miss...." like:

I will miss playing guitar in the morning in the big room with Oliver

I will miss driving down Hueneme Road

I will miss living so close to the ocean

I will miss my farm harvesting outfits

A new non-profit, of course, has it's challenges. And, there are some things I certainly will not miss. Working and living at the same place is a recipe for chaos, and I've had to be really clear about my boundaries and what is rest and what is not even when the work is a gift and a joy!

Working at the market

Retreats at the farm

Early morning in the fields!

ATFP parties at the house

Dinners in the big kitchen

Having friends visit the farm has been another great honor as well.

Living in community itself is challenging and yet rewarding. It's a marriage/relationship really as far as I see it.

And, overall, there's my relationship with the Earth: