24 December 2007

25 September 2007

14 August 2007

y mas

Oliver at 4 corners
The Grand Canyon

mas fotos

Georgia O'Keefe's Ghost Ranch

Los Alamos - Where the make nuclear things

Cliff Dwellings near Cuba, NM

Valle near Cuba, NM

Petroglyphs in Chaco Canyon

road trip new mexico

Aquí tienen fotos de mi viaje a Nuevo México - el lugar de mi familía, mi cultura, y mí.

Btw, I discovered that the people of my family name - Montoya - were Basque GYPSIES!

The Waterfall - I swam in this as a kid and as an adult.

The Barn - Where the kitties and horses are.

Dancing with family - The Salsa

The Chilean gypsy market in Santa Fe

Tinkertown - One of my favorite places created by one of my heroes- Ross

08 June 2007

tutoring friends

I've been working at Cypress College for about a year now, and I like it pretty much. I have my own office with a computer, and I often get the chance to work on my own things. Lately, I've been meeting fun people in the office. Here's a couple of them: Sally the ESL tutor

and Nicholas the French tutor.

07 May 2007


Encouraged by other blogger friends' love for their pets, I offer my love for Oliver.
Oliver is my really sweet buppy - baby/puppy. This is him wanting to sleep/sleeping.
I never really had a favorite stuffed animal, an imaginary friend (that I can remember), or a special blankie. But, Oliver has completely captured my attention (as has probably some maternal instinct).

18 March 2007


I've been thinking about this name for a design/card name. i try to make delicate earrings.

04 March 2007

George Eliot and me

I'm on this George Eliot binge these days. Finished reading The Mill on the Floss, reading Romola, watched Middlemarch, and watching Daniel Deronda. While doing this study, I realize that not many people know or care to know George or Marianne or Mary Ann Evans. But, after this study, I realize that I like her and her work very much. Her characters have depth and confuse me, but that is what I like I guess. Real women and men.