18 March 2011

things I love

Gracias to Hanna for this idea.  It's all blustery and rainy outside. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on sound therapy; I was supposed to go into the city for an advising meeting, and I thought I had class tonight.  But no. I don't, and I didn't go, and here I am in Berkeley on my little bed with my cold little feet and little Magnolia on my lap.  I've finished skimming the blogs of friends and family, I know what's up in the world of facebook.  I also asked friends to comment on their a memory with me, and after reading the responses, I'm just all nostalgic.  I need a pick me upper. So, here's my list of things I love:

-- the color red (my friend Susan says true red is the color of Cristy and tomato red is the color of Rose)
-- a good sleep (i sleep so well here at *Jill's)
-- my chosen, extended family
-- books, old books, pop-up books, book cases, book shelves, book ladders, book smells, book stores...and librarians too
-- traveling (anywhere but the burbs)
-- new things (experiences, places, classes, senses, etc.)
-- dancing (salsa to 80s to?)
-- summertime (sandals and bathing suit and sundress and sunhat and sun and ....beer?)
-- bicycling along the coast
-- waking up to Oliver (it feels like a mini christmas. i always hear his tail wagging first, then he lounges over to me and stretches)
-- hiking to somewhere you can only get by foot
-- cuddling
-- kissing
-- holding hands...
-- swinging (swingset, tree swing, porch swing....)
-- flying (up and down the ventura county coast)
-- tea time
-- cottages
-- pueblo style homes
-- roof tops
-- beverages (red wine to mimosas to orange julius to olvaltine)
-- conversation (pillow talk so says the farm womyn)
-- planetariums
-- lawns (and i feel bad about it ok)
-- i love it when we're cruisin together
-- women/womyn gathering
-- estate sales
-- androgyny
-- dressing up (like for themed parties, for work, halloween....)
-- pomegranates
-- papayas
-- pendulums
-- spirals
-- labyrinths
-- Earth

okay, i love a lot. at least this is a start...

14 March 2011

we are the music-makers...

so much music in my life these days....

attended a class on drumming and sound therapy and ....a "listening" party" this past weekend

04 March 2011

Embracing Our Feminine Fire with Sobonfu Some

Took a class this past weekend with Sobonfu. Releasing, Cleansing, Embracing.....her presence and words and ritual have helped rebirth me.  In writing the paper for this weekend class, I'm reading her Falling Out of Grace. She writes:

“I have found in my work, for example, that where a certain, narrow kind of Christianity has been instilled, people accept that they have been born evil. This view infiltrates the way people look at each other. ‘We are basically evil.’ The battle against our nature never ends. This belief automatically limits a person’s abilities to come back into grace.  It’s as if one’s wings have been clipped before she can fly."

So true I think.