24 September 2009

A visit from a friend

Denise is visiting from Suiza! We've been having a ball out here on the farm. She came with me to capoeira yesterday after we spent the morning in Santa Barbara. We first visited the labyrinth, then stopped to eat Our Daily Bread, walked about the museum, ate at El Bahio, and drove home with the music loud. We sing together mucho, and one such song is:

16 September 2009

Autumn is near!

The coming of autumn is so delicate in Southern California, but it's beautiful. It's a chill in the bones, the smell of a burning fire, the need to wear a sweater, and remembrances of good old friends.

It's a blessed discontentment to me, a longing for things of old to be happening all the time.

10 September 2009

"You called me beautiful when you saw my shame. "

Finished a Midrash the other day. Here are my favorite parts:

My dear daughter…

And already I would see tears in her eyes.

My dear daughter, how can I describe the love in which I made you.

I started by giving you part of my heart.

I would touch Her heart and then I would touch my heart. She would nod.

Yes. And, then I took the precious earth in my hands, and I molded your body, your cells, your skin. You were the earth.

“And you kissed them?” I would ask.

Of course. And, then I placed the rain water—mixed with a little molten lava— in your veins, and you became water and fire.

And then, I asked the wind to give you breath, and you were wind.

Last, I whispered your name.

“But, how is this possible, Mother? How can I be all these things and still me?”

Because we are everything and we are unique. We are in constant relationship with each other.

And, they ate of each other
And of the fruit of the land,
And they were good.

Female and Male (S)he was good.

02 September 2009


And, I'm in love with potential and Neil Young. But, who isn't? I've always been a late-bloomer.

And, we're back.

It's been an amazing summertime of travel and travel and new experience and new experience. And, I'm glad to be back to the ole techo world...somewhat. I have no computer, and I'm trying to keep it that way. Ok. I have a blackberry and an external storage device, but I have no ipod. I have no cd or tape player, but I have a record player. I have no job, but I have a purpose. I own no home, but I have a community. I also now live on a farm.

Random Morning Tunes; Thank Goddess for Jane-Alice's Record Player