18 March 2011

things I love

Gracias to Hanna for this idea.  It's all blustery and rainy outside. I'm supposed to be writing a paper on sound therapy; I was supposed to go into the city for an advising meeting, and I thought I had class tonight.  But no. I don't, and I didn't go, and here I am in Berkeley on my little bed with my cold little feet and little Magnolia on my lap.  I've finished skimming the blogs of friends and family, I know what's up in the world of facebook.  I also asked friends to comment on their a memory with me, and after reading the responses, I'm just all nostalgic.  I need a pick me upper. So, here's my list of things I love:

-- the color red (my friend Susan says true red is the color of Cristy and tomato red is the color of Rose)
-- a good sleep (i sleep so well here at *Jill's)
-- my chosen, extended family
-- books, old books, pop-up books, book cases, book shelves, book ladders, book smells, book stores...and librarians too
-- traveling (anywhere but the burbs)
-- new things (experiences, places, classes, senses, etc.)
-- dancing (salsa to 80s to?)
-- summertime (sandals and bathing suit and sundress and sunhat and sun and ....beer?)
-- bicycling along the coast
-- waking up to Oliver (it feels like a mini christmas. i always hear his tail wagging first, then he lounges over to me and stretches)
-- hiking to somewhere you can only get by foot
-- cuddling
-- kissing
-- holding hands...
-- swinging (swingset, tree swing, porch swing....)
-- flying (up and down the ventura county coast)
-- tea time
-- cottages
-- pueblo style homes
-- roof tops
-- beverages (red wine to mimosas to orange julius to olvaltine)
-- conversation (pillow talk so says the farm womyn)
-- planetariums
-- lawns (and i feel bad about it ok)
-- i love it when we're cruisin together
-- women/womyn gathering
-- estate sales
-- androgyny
-- dressing up (like for themed parties, for work, halloween....)
-- pomegranates
-- papayas
-- pendulums
-- spirals
-- labyrinths
-- Earth

okay, i love a lot. at least this is a start...

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