21 December 2008

Finished Reading: The Subtle Knife

She read:
"' Capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason.' You have to get into that state of mind. That's from the poet Keats, by the way. I found it the other day. So you get yourself in the right state of mind, and then you look at the Cave....Shadows on the walls of the Cave, you see, from Plato....If you think, the Shadows respond. There's no doubt about it."


Cave= Alethiometer=Fortune Telling=Ritual?
Shadow particles=earth=Dark Matter= dust= "sin"


td said...

His Dark Materials rocks! Just wait until you get to The Amber Spyglass. These are the first books that ever made me want to have kids just so I could make them read them.

cristyroses said...

I'm starting it today!