21 December 2008

A cup reading

I'm sitting here at Viento y Agua procrastinating. I'm supposed to be revising my autobiography for a grad application, and in the meantime, I'm blogging and.....

having my coffee cup read.

I went into the session with a "wish" in mind, and in the ten minutes Vicky took to tell me about my coffee ground, I wrote 2 pages of notes. Let me sum them up now:

I'm busy, but I've already begun to shift, particularly in one relationship, because of a decision I made. Compelled by perhaps money, or a two-part division of funds, my perception of this relationship or what I thought the relationship was is changing and leading me to move in a different direction, which will bring about change in the other person. The spirit of little girl, perhaps myself, is guiding me, and though this journey seems overwhelming, it's only on the surface and part of the process because this journey will be straight-forward without faltering or doubt, and I don't need to worry about money because in one week or month I will receive positive news about money owed me. The cup reveals that there is no hesitation and that I will tell someone close to me who has been invading my space that "that's enough," once and for all because I express my emotions and must. I'm rising up (already in spirit), and although there is interference from behind and someone in my way, I have found the solution in rising above (my head), and this move will be in two days, or months, or the second day of the month. It will be matter-a-fact, and I will not look back, and it will involve a traveling adventure that is involved with my purposeful doing and will be with two or three others (three to four total including me) and will not spend my money but will involve music and creativity (gifts of mine that I'm not utilizing to their potential just now). The travel will be colorful and playful and by many different kinds of vehicles but not plane. It will be about my interest in the way people live, a cultural adventure, connected to my heritage and discovering things about myself.

Altogether, I must remember to not worry about money but to know that my abundance rises above money, and I give my abundance through unconditional love for others.

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