02 December 2008

My Favorite Christmas Tune: Song for a Winter's Night

A childhood friend and I went to see Lightfoot in concert in Cerritos the other day. It was pretty awesome, and he sang "Sundown" as well as "If you could read my mind love" and the one I remember Mr. M singing, "In the Early Morning Rain." Sadly, he didn't sing this one:

I discovered Sarah Mclachlan's version while working at the old Whitwood Mall. Long after I quit, I learned from my co-worker --Erika -- that our boss had been stealing our retirement and tax funds. She was such a nice lady, our boss, but she wouldn't let me read while working even when NO ONE was there. Instead, we listened to this KROQ or KIIS collection of Christmas tunes again and again. I remember this song the most; it's just so lovely. I found this video; it reminds me of something I can't put my finger on.

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