29 April 2011

Quail Springs: Beautiful Happenings

I've been settling in now to the community life. This week has been full of all matters of goodness, and I have plenty-o-fotografias to share.  Last night, we had this lovely celebration of life and music, and I thought of how much I will miss these folks when I leave.

Tuesday, I ventured over to Painted Rock and to see the wildflowers.

A view from the top of painted rock, Maya below

one of the cave paintings
oh gorgeous flowers!

thistles and such
  At the end of day, we all can be quite tired. Wednesday was a busy day. 

Relaxing on the porch with Brenton and Vic
Thursday, visioning day, I hiked along the mountain ridge.

Quail Springs below
Poetry nights, hootenannies, dancing, stretching, walking....I'm thankful for this good life.
Friends are visiting too! More pictures to come....I'm exausted.

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