03 May 2011

Quail Springs: Good Conversation(s), Good Things

Making Cob (clay, sand, straw) with friends from Whittier (Iris and Erin!)
So much ...simple joy and delight here on the land these days. Friends visiting, lectures on cross-roads in Portland, conversations while gazing up at the tree branches and leaves, learning new musica, making masala chai tea, checking out Saturn's rings through the telescope, planting a pomegranate tree, and learning the midwifery of death (of a turkey).

Pictures to demonstrate the "so much":

chewing on asparagus

My new hammock by the Dianita (thanks to Mark)

Singing with Julia in the common house

Transformative Water :)

Writing in Dianita

Off-Roading (up the dry creek bed) with Mark and Wyatt

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