06 May 2011

Quail Springs: Adventuring

Such a busy Friday.
This week has just flown by.  Tuesday cooking and Wednesday cleaning and Thursday visioning and Friday tidying.  We've made meals together, played music together, and shared our graditude for each other.  I love this. I love this community.
There's even been a bit of poetry reading (Mary Oliver, may she live forever), star and planet gazing with the new moon, and today I watched one of the youngest members of the community milk goats.
But mostly it's the relationships, and hearty dialogue.  I feel myself transforming.

Preparing the cinco de Mayo feast: Vic, Wyatt, Mae, and Kaiden

Jumping or Flying into the River

Con Senia

We are the music-makers: Senia, Mae, and Vic

My Vedic Chart: Thanks to Oscar

Senia and her bird
Vic and the Rattler

1 comment:

Selina said...

Miss you Cristy. I wish I could be where you are now.
In nature. Instead I'm stuck in a ten story corporate building. Blah.