15 May 2011

Quail Springs: The only constant is change

A week or so since I've written on ye ole blog, and so much has changed.  Life is like that, no?  Slow and steady then suddenly different and perhaps a bit fast and disorderly.  This movement from order to chaos seems so natural and yet so disconcerting sometimes.  Perhaps even like the interchange between grief and praise, death and life?  Here's some snapshots from the week:
my first piece on the lathe: a chalice

the gids visit!

learning how to hula hoop/the keaneys visit!

fotografia at the top of the watershed
It's been a week of good things and yet heart-aching things. Even now, I'm back in L.A. to be with Papa as he goes into hospice.  It was terribly difficult to leave Quail Springs (left my camper behind because I'll be returning soon!).  And, when I arrived today, Papa didn't seem to recognize me at first. I played him some music with our guitar, and then he saw me.  He pointed at me and smiled.  I started singing "Bicycle Built for Two," and he joined in!

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