23 April 2011

Quail Springs: dear friends...

In the mornings walking from dianita to the main house, spider webs gather on my trousers.  I see them --glistening thin silver lines hanging from juniper bush to oak scrub-- there's so many I can't but help collect them. On my dark jeans, they look so pretty.

I'm coming to know the spiders, the ants, and the animals here at QS.  I like checking in on the baby bunnies...
and the (two days old) baby chicks.

 I like taking Honey and the other goaties for a walk on the ridge.
 And just saying hello to the Mr. White Rabbit.

I've also been making friends with humans too. We went wine tasting at a neighbor's winery - Sagebrush Annie's --and were treated to many little delicious tastey sips.

These friends are challenging and encouraging me to live from the heart and body. School work is pretty much all done -- and I did well; just got the emails -- so it's time to let go. Early summer for me.

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