12 January 2009

A writer's bio?

I was inspired by a writer's online bio to write one of my own. It's shamelessly like the one online, so call the plagarism squad.

Cristy Rose is currently respectably employed in Long Beach, California by the California State School system, subversively inviting to young men and women to think in her English 100 classes. She hopes to get back home to Santa Fe, New Mexico next summer to stay.

While Cristy Rose is living with a broken heart just now, she credits her guru, Mary Oliver, for her mantra..." You only have to let the soft animal of your body Love what it loves." Besides a passion for CSI: Las Vegas, Cristy Rose is borderline logos/sophos-obsessive. She is an old-school aesthetic ascetic - i.e., she won't be leading the Revolution, but she'll be celebrating the ebb and flow along the way while shouting “viva la revolucion!”


rhino876 said...

i love you!!

jillyg said...

if you end up in santa fe, i'll be your first visitor. it's my favorite!