30 January 2009

SALSA: Long time, no see.

At this present pleasant moment, I'm people watching at the airport. I see a young man talking on his cell -- he just said "a'right." I hear the woman next to me eating chips, and I wish she would pass them my way, but we're strangers, and I imagine she would be offended if I asked her for one. A couple nearby are reading the funnys in the paper (is that what we actually call them?) while he rubs her neck. An older guy in a brown blazer is inspecting his laptop, and another girl is putting make-up on. Some 90's soft rock is playing in the background, which makes the whole scene a bit sedating perhaps. And I? I just found a hostel to stay in tonight in Berkeley (thank goodness!). I'm thinking about how strange and fascinating people are, and I'm wishing I were salsa dancing just now. The carpet would make it difficult. :)

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