08 July 2013

Empowering Myself

Recently a friend told me about a bunch of Ted Talks I just had to see.  This one above has really stuck with me.  I've been standing like Wonder Woman these days to be more active in helping my body heal my mind and spirit.  In fact, actually, as I look back at different women's circles I've been a part of, open, expansive stances and dances are a vital part of our time together.  I love just thinking that I stumbled into circles where we are healing our whole selves through empowered embodiment.

Of course, my favorite Ted Talk is Brown's bit on vulnerability.

The other message I keep receiving these days is about writing  a little everyday.

Write 50 words . That’s a paragraph.
Write 400 words . That’s a page.
Write 300 pages. That’s a manuscript.

Now, it's funny because I say to myself, "Wait now, I don't have a computer yet! How am I supposed to write everyday!"  How crazy is it that I think "real writing" must involve a computer?  So, to heal that part of me that is so dependent on technology, I've been pulling out large pieces of paper to scribble notes and jot down ideas and organize and outline in new ways.  I've even made the beginning of an interactive presentation on prezi.com.

And, today, I'd like to report, I spent mostly at the computer ...writing. I have a goodly outline and intro to my fourth chapter. Yay for me.

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