17 July 2013

A Fresh Start: New Computer

Yesterday I finally made the decision to buy a new computer and one with a much larger screen.  My old HP mini, the first computer I ever owned, was a good traveling companion because it was so compact (10 inches I think).  However, I'm more aware than ever that NOW is the time to take care of my body,* and I'm hoping the larger screen will be kinder to my eyes.* So, now, I have this new Dell (on sale at Costco!), and it is nearly a 16 inch screen. I mean, it's nice, but it's going to take a moment to get used to it.  I do think the width of the screen creates a nice reaction in my body; I mean, I feel my chest expanding instead of contracting to meet the space the computer takes up. Ergo, it feels good!

I'm also back "home" in Los Angeles with my dog Oliver, and that feels good too.  And then, tomorrow, my partner arrives back from Alaska, and the sun is shining and it's time for a trip to the dog beach!!  YET! First things first, today is back to the routine of setting up a creative space to write this here dissertation: journal, stretch, meditate, blog, water-color golondrinas, and then, presto, here I go.

I believe in myself. I believe I have something to say.  I believe in my voice. I believe in my many voices.  I believe in my creativity.

my creativity nook

*with shoes that are kind to my feet too!
*I've trained my eyes since I was a kid (so fond of reading) to focus on the near.  They plateaued in their degeneration during my 20s, that is, plateaued up until last year.  I found out when I had my eye exam on my layover in Korea that I'm no longer -5 but now a -6.  Sigh.  I love you eyes!

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