20 June 2013

Setbacks and Little Encouragements

Well, the other day, my laptop keyboard totally quit on me.  At first, I thought maybe it just needed some time or a break, but after a couple days, it still wouldn't work.  Four days later and I have an estimate on the repair.  $338.  Thankfully, it's still insured!! And, it really might be time for a new computer with a larger screen. Maybe? My HP mini has lasted me 3 years now, and it's been good for traveling but perhaps not the best choice for my eyes (which have worsened in the last few years).

In the meantime, I've been having to either come into school to use their computers (which are bigger) or bust out the wireless keyboard I bought (a bit cumbersome but it works).  And, with the obstacles to using my computer, I've had the opportunities to invest in other dissertation bits I've put off:
1. researching/reading (Ecofeminist and anti-ecofeminist too),
2. visual mapping (with my writing group too!), and
3. preparing my graduation announcements (groupon deal! I quoted Maya Angelou!).

Oh and also at my new home, I haven't been able to connect to the wifi -- thus my delay in blogging really ;) -- but I trust that will happen soon.

Speaking of my new home, this morning I had a gorgeous set of flowers delivered to my door!!! I'm so tickled by this wonderful show of affection. My partner, who is in Alaska working, told me yesterday that a surprise was coming, but I still wasn't sure what the surprise might be! 

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