05 June 2013

And, I'm Back on Dissertation Road

What I failed to write in the last blog or to even take into consideration was that I was going on a little getaway.  Orr Hot Springs, near Ukiah, has been on my list of places to visit for a retreat.  Many friends here in the Bay Area have recommended it to me, and when my partner wanted to go away somewhere for a few days, Orr was perfect.  I forgot that they have no cell or internet reception, but I'm sure glad they don't.  Really, did I expect to keep up with techno/work/school life while out there?

Overall, the last three days have been so restful. We spent the time at Orr lounging from our yurt to the hot springs private baths to the communal baths to the pool to the saunas to the gardens and to the redwoods.  Grateful grateful grateful.  

I did, in fact, do some research reading -- on decolonizing and liberating methodologies -- and still the time away from my computer and phone helped me get some "bigger perspective" on my dissertation and its role in my life.  I want to remember to love my body and spirit through the process. If I am slowly killing myself in the process of writing, what have I accomplished?

Over the time away, I pondered these thoughts (from a healing session with the previously mentioned mentor):

"Words of wisdom will....sound eternal, applicable through many situations, many ages, many times. Words can heal or steal.  Now is the time to contemplate just what the words you hold in your mind are doing for you and to others.  What meaning are you giving your life as you define your experience to yourself?  How are you valuing what you do?  You are not the words themselves."

My partner and I discussed these thoughts, questions, and we pondered the significance of valuing times in our lives only in hindsight.  We talked about how we want to be grateful for our times together here and now and not just tomorrow.  We talked about the revaluing, if necessary, so that we can honor our livelihoods as alternative as they may seem to others.

Well, on to yoga and meditation now.  I've just dropped my partner off at the airport.  We won't see each other for 2 months. Yep, that's another story too.

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