11 January 2011

Trying to remember who i am....

It's a start.

I am los angeles.

I am frosted flakes in the morning.

I am he-man and she-ra

I am rainbow bright.

I am Disneyland.

I am the mall down the street.

I am the starbucks on every corner when I need it.
I am family arguments on Sunday morning.

I am chubby little Filipina Spanish something girl.

I am anorexic for God.

I am mom, come out of your room.

I am husband, don’t jump.

I am dad, don’t tell me what to do.

I am homecoming court.

I am straight A student.

I am creatrix.
I am dance.

I am red.

I am anger and vulnerability.

I am fierce and shameless.

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