27 January 2011

a case of the madeleines...

Mel told me about how Proust writes about this...."episode of the madeleine" this morning. I was making "detox" yogi tea, and told Mel it reminded me of my semester in Washington DC over ten years ago.  I drank this particular tea almost everyday then.  Memories flashed back involuntarily of running the "mall" to Lincoln Memorial and back to our little apartment near this bookstore where I bought the complete works of Oscar Wilde.  I remember feeling very determined as well as very out of place. I kept thinking, as I was in these political meetings and conversations, "I get all the news I need on the weather report."  Quoting Simon and Garfunkel certainly wasn't the best way to mesh with DC society, and so I floundered a lot.

On the Washington Mall with
Margot, a teacher who gave me "The Art of Kissing,"
Bethany the Writer,
a friend who introduced me to Ethiopian Food in Adams Morgan,
and Melody, who I liked a lot.

Anyways, I love madeleines, I love the name madeleine (and madison. The two names of my car.), and I'm thankful for this morning's episode.

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