06 January 2011


I take my grandparents to mass. But, I’m not Catholic, so I can’t receive communion. I was baptized as a baby, but never made those first and holy communions, so this means I’m excluded from the body and blood. However, I can go up to the front and receive a blessing. And, I like this...alot.

Usually, it’s from a lay woman like myself, and I like that too. I like that they are women. Some will say, “Blessings on you,” and some pause not knowing what to say; I think they must not get folks wanting blessings often.

Nevertheless, I love it. It seems so real to me. A stranger’s hand on my forehead, her words spoken to the world as an offering of what might come my way, and me eager to receive.

Here’s how it goes. As I approach the front, I cross my arms over my chest. This cues the giver to put away the wafer and to extend her hand out to me directly. I bow my head slightly to make my forehead more accessible, and that’s that. The music’s playing, the people are shuffling, and I’m waiting to hear the words I’m meant to receive. After the blessings, I pass by the wine too and make my way to my seat.

I think I will start collecting and recording the blessings!

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sarah said...

Just read this. And I love it.

Miss you, your wisdom and your laughter