13 February 2014

Graduating. Graduating? Graduating!

Yesterday, three great things happened. First, I finished another complete revision of my dissertation; second, I spoke with my committee chair; and three, I applied for graduation (and the publication of my dissertation for a total almost $400).

Yep, I spent the morning finishing up the conclusion, and then I had a meeting with my chair, and she said, “well, congratulations!” and I said, “should I apply for graduation? Deadline is Friday” and she said, “yes!”

It’s funny because it’s still hard for me to believe that graduation is coming.  It’s that imposter syndrome perhaps, and another part of it is superstition (like knock on wood); it’s like I don’t want to, by celebrating my upcoming graduation, somehow stop it from happening.

And, yet, here’s my chair saying, “do it! You’re ready!” And, then there was the conversation with my second committee member, who said I was far ahead of others preparing to graduate. 

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