09 December 2013

The Texts and Finals Week

Motivated by a fellow scholar's blog about the books they were using for their dissertation, I thought I'd take photographs of mine and put them up here (again).

It's fun to procrastinate and take pictures and post them on social network sites.  Perhaps it's an addiction, but I like think it's a creative outlet as well.  Heck, another colleague of mine makes youtube videos of her singing mash up songs!
And, just for another fun photo-opportunity. Here's my Thesis from my MA in English Literature.  I had to pull this out of the bookcase.  When I think how I wrote this 80 page document, I remember being so organized and assertive about it.  
Indeed, I literally cannot remember a time in my life when I procrastinated as much as I have these last few weeks.   I've been working on feeling productive just carrying around a hard copy of my dissertation, but it doesn't get the work done as much as I hoped!

HOWEVER, this is my last week of writing before I submit a full revised draft of my research to my second and external readers.  It's finals week for me, friends!  And, I am dreaming about my dissertation, analyzing it as I try to sleep (hugs, insomnia!), and processing my argument everywhere I go!  Your prayers would be appreciated. 

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