12 December 2013

Ana Castillo and Focus, Courage, Assertiveness

Waking up to the good news that I will be working with Ana Castillo in January!!!  I'm just thrilled, and I keep thinking maybe we'll fall in love!

Really, her book So Far from God changed my life in undergrad at Biola.  And in grad school, I've read and written about much more of her writing: Goddess of the Americas, Massacre of the Dreamers, and The Mixquiahuala Letters to mention a few.

Altogether, this morning, I'm feeling inspired! This is great news in the midst of this "finals week"!  And, as I dive back into editing Chapter 4 today, I'm ready.

The soundtrack for such a day involves some India Arie, no??

"I choose to be the best I that I can be,
I choose to be authentic in everything I do....
And everyday I have the opportunity to choose."

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