21 November 2013

(Re)engaging with My Beloved Dissertation

My morning set up in Highland Park: note my prezi presentation on the computer, my dissertation art project on my left leg, my working introduction on my right, the ankle on my ankle, the candle lit, and the cozy-ness of it all. 
This week is the week I am saying, "Yes, precious dissertation, I do love you, and I am going to (re)engage!  It's been a few weeks of other writing, and it's been good; however, I am back with renewed commitment: tuned into KCRW, prezi presentation re-worked and ready to share, etc etc etc... and I HAVE A PLAN!!!

In Big Sur
And, my plan is not just for this week, but for the next 3 and a half months until I defend in February.  In part, this plan involves less social networking and more bear like hibernating in the cave of writing and editing.  This works well with the coming winter, and I believe it will also help to be in Los Angeles and living with family and old friends.  It's time to devote energy to the here and now!  (This has its benefits, and actually as I was writing, one of them manifested: a friend brought me a bagel and lox!).
Of course, I've now just given this blog a half hour of my morning.  And, I couldn't help diving into some creative filtering with another old foto. 

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