20 October 2013

Finishing Up a Full Draft Whilst in Alaska

Mid October, and it was time to turn in a full draft. And, I did it!! Approximately 300 pages!

First, I printed a complete draft after convening with my accountability partner/ tutor and edited that hard copy.  Then, I combined all my chapters into one softy copy document with my notes in a separate document.  Then, I made a list of the things I HAD TO DO in order to turn it in -- including cleaning it up/citation work --  made those changes from the hard copy edit, and...  Ta da!

Of course, my conclusion needs work, and I need to wait to see how my Chair responds, but it is in!!! And, on time!

And, all of this, I have done whilst visiting my partner in (often) sunny Alaska.  Good to feel like I am living while I am writing. 

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