17 February 2011

Health Insurance Drama

So, I had a pap smear in December 2009, and my health insurance, Summit America Insurance, said it was fully covered as did the doctor, Dr. Jody Balloch, in Camarillo, Ca.  Both, of course, I highly do not recommend working with because for the first time, I'm really feeling the hopelessness of our medical world and health coverage. I feel pushed around and powerless. The insurance and medical language is so foreign to begin with, but it seems that the doctor's office, or their billing company, speaks a different language from the insurance company, and I'm having to translate!  It's so frustrating when people don't handle their responsibilites, and say, "I'm sorry; I wish I could help you, but I can't."  

Yes, it would be so much easier to just pay the bill.  I've already had another papsmear since 2009 (thank you planned parenthood!).  However, it's now become a matter of justice.  Finally, my "don't mess with me" side is waking up, and I've spoken with a lawyer even (ok, a friend who is a lawyer), and this injustice will not stand I tell you! This is for all the folks who have no voice, who are being charged for things far more expensive (and more perhaps "private") when the insurance companies should be covering them! 

What's perhaps even more sad is that this insurance is for volunteer religious workers. It was my coverage on the non-profit farm! I've never been one of those to stand and be arrested for a cause, but I tell you, I'm working up that way fast.

And, in case you didn't know, dear reader. This is a pap smear (though the those in Australia may call it a pappy): 

A little aside: oddly enough, my friend Scott Lehman is publishing an article on distorted maps of Havana shaped to look like female reproductive anatomy just ready to be conquered. 

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cristyroses said...

Just won this battle.