28 November 2016

(Re)connecting and Oshun

Hard to believe a year has passed since I last posted on this blog.  I had hoped to turn it into a website -- but it's hard to choose the right formatting. I think I keep hoping Google will develop a website and that my blogger posts will easily transition into that system.  Alas, hasn't happened yet.

Too, I'm now the mama of a 14 month old, so writing (especially when the computer is down) is somewhat challenging.  It gets put in the final stack of "to dos." 

I have been able to journal and record bebe's growth and my own, and I've found time in the mornings to paint and be in quite meditative creation space.  Thank goodness.  Still, writing -- I find this writing just now delightful - a breath of fresh air -- powerful -- soothing.

This soothing is what I've been experiencing lately as I think upon my African ancestry and its influence on the curanderismo I carry.
Image result for oshun art
Oshun -- artist unknown

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