09 November 2010

Autumn Travels in the Bay Area

fotografia of me and one of my favorite buildings near Chinatown by Carolina
(who I met in Guanajuato no less)
I travel for school these days.  I explore. I romp around the streets of San Fran, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, and thensome.

Vesuvio Bar next to City Lights Books
 I visit the old literary haunts.
Half Moon Bay
I go on adventures with friends to places I've been meaning to go to for so long.

A class picture
 I enjoy the company of my classmates.
Dia de los Muertos, The Mission

Overall, this gypsy life style is intense.  I wonder if I'm too old for it, too old for the sleep overs at friends, too old for carrying everything on my back, and too old for new explorations.  Then I wonder if it's just a "this American life" dream that makes me feel so tired.  Then I wonder if part of me just lingers behind with my grandpa.  Last, I wonder if I just need some sleep at the end of so much romping about.


Kai said...

Thanks for sharing, Cristy Rose, phd candidate. It seems like a good shot at life well lived to me. To me, you're full of passion and so sincere. Good luck on the ramble.

cristyroses said...

much thanks, kai. because you yourself are a glorious rambler, your post means a lot to me. i'm also simply honored you paused here for a moment in my little nook called "cristy rose hips."

cheers to a life well lived full of passion and sincerity! ... oh, and whimsy too.