08 October 2010

photographs of me in places I love

I'm applying for an internship in Taos, and in the application, they ask for photos in places I love. I found it so challenging to just choose one of course, so I'm putting the others here. And, to think, these are only just a few. How will I ever settle down somewhere? I wonder, at times, if I'm meant for that gypsy life style. I confess here and now that it might be so.

The Ranch, Golondrinas, NM

Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja

Tinkertown, Sandia Park, NM

Our Farm


C said...

Wonderful pictures.

The concept of gypsy reminded me of a poem that I wrote a long time ago. =0)

Am I just the memory of the ocean, perhaps..?

And what is your fascination with gypsies, anyways..?

What is it they posses that took a hold of you?

Does not this simple brown eyed stared from me
Provoke in you any desire of interest?

What is it about the gypsies anyways..?

I too pay harsh pain to belong to no-where,
To exist in disharmony with a world that surrounds me and drowns
I too conjured up hate from the sunshine in the spring of a tepid noon
I too cry because my past has not cease to bleed,
I too can dance for any minimum green and do to you as you please?

What is it about the gypsies, you tell me..?

Do not I wear broken pigments of dark skin cells
With lunar rims around my eyes?

Do not I cause you to stumble off your feet..?

Are not my whispers like those of snakes?

Do not I suddenly turn to death?

I too can make the nights my hollow soul
And sing a song for you under the stars
I too can make it magically the most melancholic state of mind.

What is about the gypsies, anyways..?
I am just as sad as they.
A lesser torment I cannot possess,

Do I not crawl in torn flesh thrashing about in my red on the rocky roads?
Since when is my solitude not a seducing treasure
A useless character against the world,

What is it about the gypsies, anyways..?


cristyroses said...