17 February 2010

Manic Pixie Dream Girls

A friend (Rob), and I had a gmail chat convo the other day that went something like this:

10:56 AM me: they are wasting my time
10:58 AM Robert: how does your time get wasted? you get involved with someone and then they want something more "traditionally" solid and you dont
me: yep
Robert: are you familiar with the term "manic pixie dream girl"
me: what?!
11:00 AM Robert: its term that a film critic came up with to describe a character trend in movies
11:01 AM that bubbly cinematic creature that exists solely in the fevered imaginations of sensitive writer-directors to teach broodingly soulful young men to embrace life and its infinite mysteries and adventure
11:02 AM me: clementine?
Robert: yup
or gardenstate
me: totally.
Robert: or elizabethtown
or 500 days of summer
me: wow. is that me? or is that what these men project on to me?
11:03 AM Robert: the latter
11:04 AM me: TOTALLY
Robert: bc these arent fully formed characters
they are simply an ideal
me: yep. YES!
funny enough. they are heart-breakers
11:06 AM Robert: well lets compare you to 500 days of summer
was that charccter really a heartbreaker
bc she was upfront about not wanting anything serious
me: oh my bad. they aren't heart breakers the men just make them so
Robert: but he thought, what we all thought
me: yes
Robert: ill change her mind
Robert: she will fall in love with me and change her mind

Here's the link he sent:

Wild things: 16 films featuring Manic Pixie Dream Girls



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after seeing 500 days of summer peter and i had a conversation about this very thing! it's a disservice!

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