26 May 2009

A great dream

Last night, I dreamt a dream that ranks among the top 5. It was one of those dreams that begins dark and sad and becomes liberating and wonderful.

I'm on a retreat walking in a field around a lake. I'm talking on my phone with a former partner, and I'm trying to convince the person to see things from my perspective, and the person hangs up on me. I enter a nearby elevator (!) that has two other people in it I don't recognize. The elevator goes up and suddenly goes faster and faster till we burst through the roof and into the sky. As it reaches the top of its climb, I realize I'm wearing a backpack as are the others, and we jump out of the elevator as it falls down. We skydive out of the elevator (!), and I land in the middle of what looks like central park at an outdoor concert. I sit next to someone I think was a friend, and I have a fortune cookie in my hand. The fortune reads, "today begins your life." I look up, and my sister is at the concert too as are some of my other friends.

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