01 April 2009

Spring Break: day 3

Glorious Spring Break Days!

Monday: Oliver and I took a long walk through HP while I talked with a close friend on the phone. We spent the afternoon with the housematies, specifically, romping about the ravine -- three dogs, four humans, and our Buster's Coffee.

And, lastly, an evening of nummy homemade food, settlers, and KARAOKE at the Big Foot Lodge in AV.

Yesterday, coffee hour(s) at Brite Spot in EP, a good long sit in a hammock under the canopy of many trees -- the sun shining on my face and chest, the ice cream truck in the distance, the children within, etc.

And today, first breakfast with brother, second with Grammie and Papa, and snowboarding with fam. Reminds me of:

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